Emergency Services

Offered by Sure Clean Inc.

Trauma Cleanup

Death due to homicide, suicide, accidental and unattended death are emotionally overwhelming. Though emotions are high, it is imperative that all physical contamination due to the tragedy be decontaminated and controlled with bio-hazard practices.

Safety and strict compliance of all regulations for blood and bio-hazard cleanup are Sure Clean’s policy. Sure Clean is available for 24 hr emergency services including weekend and holidays. Call Sure Clean immediately for all emergency services needed.

  • Suicide and Homicide Cleanup
  • Accidental Death Cleanup
  • Unattended Death Cleanup
  • Injury Cleanup
  • 24 hr. Emergency Carpet Cleaning
  • Insurance Correspondence

Water Extraction

When water damage due to flooding occurs, you must act fast!

Water damage strikes – Do you have a plan? Have you called your insurance?

Call Sure Clean. We not only have a tested emergency plan, but we also have a detailed excessive damage prevention and costs savings plan ready to implement. We are trusted contractors for most insurance companies and correspond directly with them so you can embrace your family or implement your business’s emergency procedures.

Time is everything in the event of water damage. Those who do have a “plan” for water damage fall short of preventing excessive damage and minimizing costs. Most plans fail to include mold prevention.

Sure Clean is ready for deployment with its DEEP EXTRACTION emergency responding unit that is equipped for all water incidences and disasters. Our emergency unit includes a deep extraction unit, Eco-friendly deodorizing detergents, drying equipment, and mold prevention treatments.


After emergency treatment and extraction – your carpets, padding, and upholstery will be cleaned in accordance to IIRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) standards. If damage is too severe, our construction crew will be deployed for reconstruction services.

Sure Clean prides itself in providing project start to finish continuous services. All services will be provided by Sure Clean and will not be subject to subcontracting. This service insures our customers that they will prosper with expedited scheduling, construction time, and an overall state to normalcy. Choose Sure Clean, your water damage specialists.

  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • hardwood Floor Cleaning and Restoration
  • 24 hr. Emergency Carpet Cleaning
  • Insurance Correspondence

Tree on Structure Removal


With storms and high winds, it is common to find your property in disorder or destroyed. Trees that once produced shade and wind protection are now twisted, torn, and broken. Unfortunately, one tree has become uprooted and has fallen onto your house. What Now

Sure Clean should be your next call. We offer 24 hr emergency services even on weekends and holidays. Did you know that Sure Clean is one of the only local companies for emergency tree removal that also offers construction services? We understand the costs of reconstruction and will strive to reduce your costs. On the flip side, Sure Clean will be your only call. We offer all services needed for your unpredictable project including: water damage deep extraction, reconstruction, carpet and floor cleaning, emergency board-up and box up services. Plus, we have storage to protect your assets from further damage until your house or business is back to a safe condition.

Sewage Extraction

Sure Clean has expert personnel to sanitize and restore sewage spills back to a pre spill condition. It is extremely important to stay clear of sewage spill areas due to health risks. By calling Sure Clean, your assured that your sewage disaster cleanup will be expedited to a state of normal easing your stress. We offer a 24 hr. emergency response services.

Is it safe to stay in my home with black water/sewage?

No, all occupants should evacuate immediately. The longer any water remains, the greater the chance for microbial growth.

What kind of household items can be cleaned?

Generally, items that are nonporous such as glass, tile, some furniture. Some items can be dry cleaned. Your technician will evaluate all items to be sanitized and/or discarded.

What kind of items should be discarded?

Always assume anything touched to be sewage water and to be contaminated. Children’s soft toys such as stuffed animals, slippers, etc. Food, personal hygiene, anything indigestible, carpet/padding, affected dry wall/sheet rock, and particle board should all be disposed of.

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  • 24 hr. Emergency Carpet Cleaning
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Boardup and Tarping

Sure Clean offers emergency boardup services. These services are available for those being victim to fire, water, explosion, wind, sewage, vandalism, and any other disaster. Emergency services are available 24hrs a day including all weekends and holidays.

Protect yourself from liability while protecting the surrounding community from possible harm with our board up services. Think Safety First!

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  • Liability Relief
  • Community Safety
  • 24 hr. Emergency Carpet Cleaning
  • Insurance Correspondance

Standard Services

Offered by Sure Clean Inc.

Air Duct Cleaning Services


With the Rotobrush™, duct cleaning is simple!

The Rotobrush™ was designed and patented for one purpose, air duct cleaning. It is the only method that power-brushes and vacuums at the same time. Because the rotating drive cable is contained within the vacuum hose, the Rotobrush™ can be snaked through the air duct all the way to the plenum.

Right angle turns are routine for the Rotobrush™.

It’s brush vacuums every contacting surface including wrinkles and crevices of flex-duct, found in most systems. When the operator manipulates the rotating brush back and forth all the way to the plenum, and again as it is being extracted, the Rotobrush™ breaks loose dust and residue much like you would do by hand. It’s strong vacuum nozzle sucks up the debris and deposits it safely in the self-contained dust reservoir.

Did you know that dust mite allergen is the number one cause of perennial allergic rhinitis?

Did you know that if you often wake up with congestion, a runny nose, watery eyes, itching, or sneezing, then you are probably allergic to dust mites?

Click here for more information on dust mites and mold. Other facts about dust mites and mold:

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  • Area Rug Cleaning (on site or at store)
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Restoration
  • 24 hr. Emergency Carpet Cleaning
  • Insurance Correspondance

Construction, Roofing and Electrical Services

Construction and Electrical Services

We build houses – We build Businesses. We built our business in the above picture from tear down of destroyed building, clean up, to the finish building in seven (7) months, without any sacrifice of other committed or new projects. Our commitment to details, deadlines, and the bottom line (cost) are never impaired by circumstances. We’re proven, driven, and capable of your new construction, reconstruction and electrical projects. View our Portfolio of projects to see our crafstmanship.

Roofing Services

Need roof repair or replacement? You’ve came to the right place. Sure Clean offers many diverse services that covers all roofing needs.

The industry is full of designs, methods and materials to satisfy every taste when re-roofing. Sure Clean insures that expert specialists are trained and certified to deliver the finished product on a scheduled finish date. House and commercial building roofs are both eligible for Sure Clean’s services, and will be custom quoted to minimize costs.

If leaks or other roof damage issues arise, count on our services to meet your needs. Sometimes leaking roofs will cause water damage to structural rafters, damage to interior walls or ceilings, and mold. Sure Clean offers restoration services to reverse these damages and to return your household or business to a clean, stable, and safe condition. Call us today for your personalized and expedited services.

Fire Damage Restoration Services


Fires are one of the more overwhelming losses one can encounter.

Sure Clean Specialists are IICRC trained in making times of disaster as easy on you as possible. We are a company that is fully certified in fire damage restoration. We work closely with the insurance companies to make the entire process go as smooth as possible from start to finish. Sure Clean is not only certified in fire damage restoration, but is qualified to do nearly any and all structural repairs that are needed without the use of sub-contractors, which will often times expedites the time it takes to get your life back to normal.

The University of Florida has issued the first line of defense for the home or business owner in the event that a small fire, not resulting in catastrophic damage, has occurred. This article is labeled Handling Smoke Damage After a Fire – Getting Soot and Smoke Out.

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